What is the purpose of the Grael?

Much confusion has existed about its purpose, based on the possible choices which we make consciously or unconsciously, and the path we then follow.

The first possible choice is to take the literal (or shallow and obvious) meaning. The Grael was believed by many to be something physical and tangible. Usually described as a vessel, cup or dish, which has been variously fabled throughout history, to hold either the elixir of immortality, or healing, or sacred blood. Most recently, and especially via the internet, this has spun-off a fantastical industry of authors and conspiracy theorists. Endlessly seeking something "out there", seemingly controlled by others, and beyond their grasp. This is a negative choice, as it embroils people in a world of confusion and discord.

But where's the fun in that?

I'm happy to be able to share with you a second choice, both simpler and more positive.

Hidden in plain sight is the allegorical and deeper meaning. Of two faces in communication. This choice opens up a world of spiritual growth, affirmative action, insight and personal development.

To seek the Grael was to learn to know oneself, to seek enlightement, and by that, to be reborn as a new person, with a full spectrum of awareness. And to choose wisely.

What is the purpose of the website?

The purpose is to show a continuity and flow of similar ideas, beliefs and concepts through time, with their historical connections. And from that, to illuminate the Grael heritage and Gnostic traditions that are still active in Britain.

The contents here have been developing and maturing over the last 40 years. Some have previously been shared variously as individual magazine articles, as scattered contributions to various historical, scientific and medical groups, or posts on esoteric websites, or as local stories, or just idle chat with friends and colleagues.

It is a therapeutic feeling (for me) to have them all gathered together in a more coherent and comprehensive manner. Now presented to you, dear reader, as a set of articles, in the following order:

Along with some meandering through meta-knowledge.

Over the years, it has struck me as significant that there are many social groups, of all kinds, that preserve and propagate knowledge, often verbally, as an oral tradition. From Gardening Clubs and Womens Institutes to Masonic Lodges, but they all called “old fashioned” and seem to be facing a challenge of aging membership. Perhaps they are too analogue in a digital age. Yet they cling on in rural areas especially, where the passage of time and the changing of the seasons is still deeply meaningful to many people.

More importantly, I had a dear friend and colleague, Kevin Kingsland. He was undoubtedly a genius, and he influenced many people in profoundly positive ways, with an outpouring of creative material. However, he regarded much of it as "work in progress", and he published little of it. I mention him here : The CAB model of personality - He kept revising and revising his magnum opus for more than twenty years, and then died without publishing it!

I took this as a powerful and personal lesson. Yes, some things need careful guardians, but if the things wither and die from neglect, or over-protective parents stop their child growing, or they never see the light of day, the guardians are guilty of something as well. This is what spurred me to start this web site. It’s not yet polished and complete enough to publish as a book; but the website gives the material space to live and breath while it grows and matures, and responds to feedback from readers.

Many thanks for all the feedback and suggestions received so far - please keep them coming!

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