5 May 2024
A clearer statement of intent for a Unified Communications Model.

15 Feb 2024
Additions to the Christian Franchises - Mandaean Baptists in Iran and the catastrophic consequences of the Fourth Crusade (1202)
Gnostic Fish updated with the Elizabethan spy-world connections between John Dee and Giordano Bruno.

7 Oct 2023
The CAB model of personality - updated with more on Jung and Buddhism.

13 Aug 2023
Littlecote Roman Villa as a potential Mystery School

13 Mar 2022
New webserver.

21 Sep 2021
Gnostic Fish now has more on the meaning of Dee's Monas Hieroglyphica.

8 Aug 2020
After a quiet spell, distracted by a day-job, I have added a Comments section to the bottom of each page. Scroll down to find the comments so far, and to add your own feedback and suggestions.

6 September 2019
The Spectrum Star : on the similarities between the Spectrum Star, the Eightfold Star, and the Eight-Spoked Wheel of Bhuddism.

21 August 2019
Echoes : seeing the light, and dreams of communication and understanding.

11 June 2019
The importance of song lines and poems : inspired by an article on "Music and deep memory", about Ernest McClain.
Sacred Geometry : expanded with Neolithic stone spheres carved in Scotland with detailed Platonic symmetries.

8 June 2019
Compass and Square : a look at the more metaphoric and esoteric Dragons, the link to Egypt, Seshat and the Merkhet, and from there to the Great Architect of the Universe.

31 May 2019
Now with a working Search page, to let people search for words in the index.

28 May 2019
Here Be Dracos! : improved with maps and a picture of the 2,000 year old Tower of Hercules.

26 May 2019
Most of the work this month has been on back-end items. Like a couple of Python scripts.
1) to index all words on all pages, save the results in a PostgreSQL database, and then automatically rebuild an index page.
2) similarly, to catalogue all external links in a PostgreSQL database, and automatically rebuild a couple of References page.
References, in A-Z order
References, in page order

21 April 2019
Going on a treasure hunt (splish-splash) : Cryptic anagrams and transformations.
Arthur Koestler's "The Sleepwalkers" - added to Gnostic Fish

31 March 2019
A friend sent me a link to Peter Cullinane's Aum video on Youtube. Very nice! Added an Aum page as end of contents (and beginning...)

30 March 2019
Sacred Geometry : I've gathered together a few strands on some of the symbology found in Templar Chapels (like Rosslyn Chapel).

25 March 2019
Native British martial arts? : Trying to contact Alison Carter/Copperlily to ask about Will Scarlet, but no response. It seems to be quite common; some people publish their material and then wander off somewhere, or drop offline ... like Sheila McGregor. I've emailed her a few times and not received a reply. I hope they are well. Maybe I'm in a spam folder?

24 March 2019
Gawain again : out of the blue (or should that be out of the green?), a serendipitous discovery linking Gawain (from Arthurian legend) to Scottish metal workers. From that, to Cowans and Tylers.

23 March 2019
The Shining Ones : More on the astronomical content of the Book of Enoch.

20 March 2019
Thanks to finding another(!) archived disc drive I'd forgotten about, I now have some of my original correspondence with Kevin Kingsland and material he put in the public domain in 2002. CAB : The CAB model of personality : updated with the origins from the works of Buddha, Gorakhnath and Jung, and the Siddha Siddhanta Paddhati (by Gorakhnath).

18 March 2019
In response to the recent appallingly low-level of intelligence being displayed by the "expert" political intelligentsia (persistently stuck in a one-dimensional world): Being intelligent about intelligence (part 1)

18 March 2019
Design : Updated! : Gone are the pesky "not trusted" messages for the old HTTP website in Chrome and Firefox browsers. This website now has HTTPS enabled (using Let’s Encrypt).

26 Feb 2019
The Wasteland and the British Exodus : New material found on "a volcanic eruption in Iceland that spewed ash across the Northern Hemisphere early in 536".

10 Feb 2019
Rude mechanicals : Better material on Carver Mead, and lasers violating the holiest canon of Copenhagen theory: Heisenberg Uncertainty.

10 Feb 2019
Grael Music : On "authentic Bach tunings" and Wendy Carlos' "Switched-On Bach 2000".

5 Feb 2019
Towards a Unified Communications Model (UCM) : Thanks to finding an archived disc drive I'd forgotten about, some old notes on an approach to software development that Kevin Kingsland and I were working on. This was part of our work (c.1990) on a prototype of an Integrated Communications System for (what was) the UK Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). At the time, if you were lucky, you had a fax machine, and an 8-bit 8086 PC with a dial-up modem to access various Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) like CIX, Compuserve, Byte and BIX. What we were proposing was all so new and unusual we had to explain what networks, servers and databases were. And, why would people want instant electronic messaging? ...

3 Feb 2019
Spectrum Systems Methodology : Kevin Kingsland's Vision To Action model (for business development) transposed by me into a software development model (c.1995). Also, Here Be Dragons! : added Dragons in space!

2 Feb 2019
What Happened to the Friendly Societies? : updated sources for articles on the Nazi's green roots (as previous articles have disappeared).

26 Jan 2019
Standing on the shoulders of giants : A surprising origin for the phrase (not Newton) and another link to Tiron

26 Jan 2019
The importance of oral traditions : More on Maria Christine Kvilhaug (also known as Freyia Völundarhúsins) and Norse mythology.

4 Sep 2018
Wales : a suppressed history?

24 Apr 2018
Druidic Revivals : With unexpected family connections.

31 Mar 2018
Great Myths of the Modern Age : Hans and Ola Rosling deserve much praise and respect for their myth-busting work with Gapminder. Especially the wonderful : "How not to be ignorant about the World". Well worth watching, if not least to discover why Zoo Chimps are more intelligent than University Students.

30 Mar 2018
Symbolic Logic :You might be wondering why Symbolic Logic has any relevance to this Grael material. The connections are through metaphysics and psychology, and how we apply our conscious minds to making distinctions.
North, North? What North?

14 Mar 2018
In praise of the Seven Liberal Arts : From ancient to modern times, people have been commanded to study the Liberal Arts. But what are they?
Speaking in riddles : Why didn't the Romans understand the Gauls?
The Grael goes Dutch : On the significance and connections between Grael and Rosicrucian legends, in the Huguenots heartlands.
You Need Protection : How Harold should have had no trouble at Hastings, if only they hadn't got rid of their navy.
We need roots : People without a personal history are rootless.
Physics, martial arts and yoga :
Ancient Music (carnyx-style) :
Who owns the calendar? :

9 Mar 2018
You Can Leave Your Hat On : Or, Bronze Age computers.

7 Mar 2018
Celtic Confusions (old and new) : Old confusions about where "Celts" came from (Gaul), why some people think there are tall blonde Celts as well as short dark Celts, and new confusions. The Scots are not Kelts.

28 Feb 2018
While revising the North page, I realised I was still confused about the different cycles for precession and obliquity. I've added a link to a Khan Academy video which I hope helps.

24 Feb 2018
Gnostic Fish - On the connections between Euclid, the English Reformation, James Bond and the Rosicrucians
The Mysteries of Eleusis -

4 Nov 2017
Brush up yer Shakespeare : William Shakespeare, as a person, is surprisingly elusive...

5 Oct 2017
Ancient time-keeping : How to measure time without a clock.

30 Sep 2017
Hiberno-Scottish missions : Some of the earliest and finest European monasteries were in Ireland and Scotland, and from there spread to mainland Europe. Also, how my father came to be guarding a Scottish Rite Monastery and its prized assets at the end of World War Two.

25 Sep 2017
Mystical Scientists : Non-consensus scientists that shine light on a mystical appreciation of the wonders of the world.

15 Sep 2017
Here Be Dracos! : On the sometimes-violent connections between Drake and Huguenots

10 Sep 2017
Some idle notes on some things that are still a mystery to me. Anyone got any thoughts?

15 May 2017
Lessons from Personal Development :#1 : I am a reponse-able person...

13 May 2017
The Dangers of Consensus : Or, the Consensus Fallacy
The earliest known court case about copyright in British history? :

12 May 2017
Schools of Navigation : How ancient navigators got their training. Saltair Na Rann and the state of the tides.
Gnostic Christianity : Thanks to the Gnostic branch of Christianity, a deep stream of knowledge eventually reached Britain via a different route to the Roman Mithraic one.
Christian franchises :
Bronze Age trade routes (on land) :

6 May 2017
The conscious Grael : Semi-conscious stray thoughts on what consciousness means in the Grael context.

4 May 2017
Water and dowsing : It's possible there is a scientific basis.
Pre-Roman shipping and trade routes : What’s true now has been true for thousands of years. International trade to and from Britain has depended on shipping. Well before the invention of large-scale road and rail networks (or the Channel Tunnel), the only way to move large volumes of goods a long way was by sea.

29 Apr 2017
Calendar reminder : World's oldest calendar in Scotland? etc.

28 Apr 2017
Druid place names :

25 Apr 2017
Mithraic Britain : How Roman temples became the earliest Christian churchs
Hidden Circles : On the megalithic connections between Britain and Ancient Israel
Gog and Magog : Gog-Magog legends are found not just in several parts of Britain (Cambridge, Devon, Cornwall, and Glastonbury at least) but also in the Middle East and Russia.
Egyptian connections to the British Isles? :

22 Apr 2017
Easter Eggs : On the Easter Calendar and the Easter Goddess: Asherah ~ Astarte ~ Ostara ~ Ēostre ~ Austrǭ

19 Apr 2017
Great Myths of the Dark Ages : Lost centuries and Mind The Gap.

17 Apr 2017
- Big lumps on the horizon : Just as they dominate their landscape (and you can see them from a long way away), when we peer back down a dimly lit passage of time, it's easy to only see the big lumps and forget anything else existed as well. Or where the names and legends came from. Or who invented them.
- Phoenician alphabet in Britain :

16 Apr 2017
- A detour through Middle Earth : Tolkien’s hobbit calendar has 12 months of 30 days each, much like Enoch's.
- Yoga, the hard side : some keywords on topics to be covered.
- The Advantage Of Being Grey : There must be some, surely?
- Gnostic Gardening : The great German theologian Karl Barth a few years ago described British Christianity as "incurably Pelagian." ... Good gardeners are as penitents to the glory of God.
- The Grael Genesis : The story begins with the oldest-known (and still extant) creative works on mainland Britain - Avebury, Silbury and Stonehenge. The sheer physical size of these megaliths sometimes obscures their greater significance, as both Avebury and Stonehenge were also places to contemplate the hidden mysteries of nature and science, for personal, scientific and spiritual development.
- Fractional latitudes and curious coordinates.
- The Hallstatt Plateau a great big, and euphemistically named, problem in Radiocarbon Dating.

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