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To paraphrase Lewis Carroll's introduction to Symbolic Logic:

I shall be grateful to any reader of these pages who will point out any mistakes or misprints they may happen to notice, or any part which they think is not clearly expressed.

Preface / About this website

In The Beginning

What was the Grael really all about?
The Grael Genesis
The big lumps on the horizon
The megalithic origins
Which north?
What happened to the big lumps (and their keepers)?
The Shining Ones
The importance of oral traditions

In between the Beginning and Now - the hidden mysteries of nature and science

Britain's Mystery Schools
Ancient Time-keeping
Pre-Roman shipping and trade routes (at sea)
Schools of Navigation
Megalithic trade routes (on land)
Egyptians in Britain?
Hidden Circles

Before the Romans...

The Phoenician alphabet in Britain
British Calendars
A detour through Middle Earth
You Can Leave Your Hat On
Gog and Magog
Here Be Dragons!
Compass and Square
Ancient Music (carnyx-style)
The importance of song lines and poems
Celtic Confusions
Druids at home
Speaking in riddles

What did the Romans ever do for us?

Mithraic Britain - a lost heritage
The Mysteries of Eleusis
Who owns the calendar?
Easter Eggs
Saints by the shipload
Druids in disguise
Free Will
Christian Franchises
Gnostic Christianity - an almost-lost heritage
Brexit (410AD)

After the Romans

Mind The Gap! Or, the Great Myth of the Dark Ages
The real King Arthur?
The Wasteland and the British Exodus
The earliest known court case about copyright in British history
You Need Protection
Native British martial arts?
The Monks of Tiron - a missing link
Hiberno-Scottish missions
Gnostic Fish
Brush up yer Shakespeare
Here Be Dracos!
The Grael goes Dutch
Going on a Treasure Hunt

Almost now...

Friendly Societies in an unfriendly society
Druidic Revivals
Gawain, Gowen, Green Knight and Cowans
In praise of the Seven Liberal Arts
Sacred Geometry

To come:
Square Bashing
Fraternal Societies in a Fratricidal Culture
Who Needs History Anyway?

Now, it starts getting personal...

Anthropomorphic systems
Symbolic logic
Mystical scientists
Standing on the shoulders of giants
Rude mechanicals
The dangers of consensus
Getting past the post-modernists
Physics, martial arts and yoga
Yoga, the hard side
Mind The Gap! (continued) Or, Great Myths of the Modern Age
Being intelligent about intelligence
Raising consciousness
The CAB model of personality
The Spectrum Star or Spectral Compass
Towards a Unified Communications Model
Techniques and Tools
Lessons from Personal Development
Grael music
We need roots

At the end...

Gnostic Gardening

After the end...

...the Beginning