Who owns the calendar?

Was it really just a coincidence that the Roman generals who "pacified" Judea were the same ones who conquered Britain? Hadrian, Vespasian, etc?

Destroying the enemy culture included destroying their calendar. All part of poisoning the roots so the weeds can't grow again. Then Hadrian, Vespasian (and Agricola) turned their well-proven methods towards Gaul and Britain. The broken Coligny calendar being a fragment of evidence.

Hadrian travelled the full length of the known (Roman) world to enforce Roman ownership of calendars as well as territory.

"Hadrian (emperor 117-138 CE) attempted to root out Judaism, which he saw as the cause of continuous rebellions. He prohibited the Torah and the Hebrew calendar "
Ref : Jewish-Roman Wars (Wiki)


What is about calendars that can attract such animosity? Is it because it is part of a persons identity? Or what they regard as fundamental to their society? Judea and Britain possessed two calendars, with many similarities, but both different from the Roman calendar.

But next we get to a part of the calendar we all can enjoy...

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