Mystery #1 : Alignment of the Michael Line

Some say that the line is also the line of sunrise on May Day. On which day, some of Britain's finest earth-mysteries folk gather on hill tops in Somerset on the Michael line.

According to
Sunrise Azimuth: 65°
Sunset Azimuth: 296°

But sadly, measurement on Google Earth shows a heading angle that varies along the line. Near Lands End, it is 59.7
At Avebury it is 62.8
and at the East Coast, 64,9

Is this because the Michael Line is a Great Circle route? Or is it because of another reason, like magnetic bearings? I don't know the answer. Yet.

Mystery #2 : How does one little hen make a new egg every day?

I don't know how my hens do it. "Ordinary" birds produce a handful of eggs a year. How does a hen metabolise food into an egg so fast?

Mystery #3 : The mind is not necessarily in the brain - but where is it?

Even neuropsychologists confuse the two, and most ordinary folk do as well. The mind is not necessarily in the brain.

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