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"et in Arcadia ego..."

The inhabitants of the Orkneys are Orkadians - Arcadians?

... the use of the anagram is the transposing of letters and hints at the secret level of comprehension for the phrases Et in Arcadia Ego and I Tego Arcana Dei. Begone I conceal God’s Secrets is confirming the transformation needed in a man; the change of a man’s heart, a Rebirth or Death to Life. This point of ‘death’ (perhaps reason for the tomb (heart?)) could be understood to conceal God’s secrets.

This same concept is offered in the words, Eadem Mutate Resurgo ; Although changed, I shall arise the same. It conveys the same message exactly like an anagram which comprises of the ‘same letters’ but are ‘changed’ (in a different order). Through this process of change/growth, man discovers. Curiously, the phrase Eadem Mutate Resurgo is found in another puzzle book in search for the Holy Grail. That book is called The Ultimate Quest.

Eadem Mutate Resurgo ; Although changed, I shall arise the same.

Eadem mutata resurgo (Word-for-word translation: Same having-changed I-rise) is a Latin phrase that literally translates to "Although changed, I arise the same" or "I rise again changed but the same". The phrase was first known to be used by Jakob Bernoulli (1654-1705), a member of the famous Swiss mathematical family, and appears on his tombstone in Basel. Bernoulli was referring to the fact, that the logarithmic spirals are self-similar, meaning that upon applying any similarity transformation to the spiral, the resulting spiral is congruent to the original untransformed one. The logarithmic spiral continually appears in nature, such as with the curves of the Nautilus shell.

William Lynhope

In the stories of old, the hero was asked the question: “Who is served by the Grail?” The answer was: “it serves everyone.”

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