Water and dowsing

Water is taken for granted by 99%+ of our scientific colleagues. It's only a strange fringe of the Scientific and Medical community that bother going back to first principals and ask "what is water?". Or, "where did it come from?"

What is water?

In some surprising ways, water turns out to be a very strange substance. You can keep pure water liquid way below zero degrees C. With a bit of electricity you can fuel cars on it. In biology, it is not only a conductor of -ve ions (electrons, electricity), it is also a conductor of sunlight (protons, +ve ions, proticity)

It's been suggested that dowsing is an electromagnetic phenomena. I concur; I do believe there is a scientific basis.

This is my theory (cough) :
- All flowing water is flowing in the earth's magnetic field.
- All ground water (usually) contains soluble material, is ionised to a greater or lesser extent, and therefore it is conductive.
- By definition, when any conductive material moves through a magnetic field, it will generate an electromagnetic current.
- Fleming's Right-hand rule applies.

The only questions then are
(a) how strong that field is, and
(b) how sensitive individual people are to the electromagnetic field (and variations in it).

We are all sensitive to some extent. Some are naturally more sensitive than others, but it is a sensitivity that can be harnessed or acquired. Like being a trained singer, or a martial artist who exercises control and demonstrates the art.

Where did it come from?

Fresh observations of Comet 46P/Wirtanen, which swung by Earth in December 2018, suggest that more of Earth's water came from comets than previous studies suggested. How Earth got its oceans is a field of active debate. While comets are icy bodies that contain water, previous studies showed that the ratio of elements in many comets' ice is different than elements contained in terrestrial water. But in the absence of comet deliveries, it's hard to say where Earth's water came from. But this new study, based on observations of Comet 46P/Wirtanen in December 2018, shows that the family of comets it belongs to, known as "hyperactive comets," has water with a similar D/H (deuterium/deuterium) ratio as water on Earth.
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