A detour through Middle Earth

Tolkien’s hobbit calendar (see the Appendices in the Lord of the Rings) has 12 months of 30 days each. The first and the last day of the year did not belong to any month, and in midyear there was a 3-day holiday, just like the Druid Samhuinn ("time of no time"). When the 1/4 adds up to a whole day, they added an extra day to the turning of the year.

Curiously, AN Wilson said that :

... though a devout Catholic, Tolkien deliberately excluded religion from The Lord of the Rings - there is just a strange moment when the hobbits are about to settle down to a meal with the elves, and the older, more dignified elves turn silently in prayer towards the east. The hobbits, being earthly creatures, do not understand what is going on."
Ref : AN Wilson article

Did Tolkein tap into a seam of Druidic or Norse knowledge and vocabulary to write his great works, as a reworking of older Northern European languages?

The Silmarillion with its creation-myths and its elvish grammar, (edited and published posthumously by his son, Christopher Tolkien). The Lost Road and Other Writings: Language and Legend Before the Lord of the Rings, edited by Christopher Tolkien and which contains 60 pages of "the etymologies of the old tongues" - Danian, Eldarin, Noldorin, Old Noldorin, Primitive Quendian and Telerin.

Tolkien "almost became WWII code-breaker alongside Alan Turing". Tolkien briefly trained as a code breaker during World War II
Ref : Tolkien biopic
Although Tolkien trained for three days with the top-secret Government Code and Cypher School (GC&CS) he never ultimately joined up even though a job offer was reportedly made.
Ref : JRR Tolkien trained as British spy

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