Just recently, on a family holiday in Portugal, we were fortunate enough to be in Porto on the Feast of St. John the Baptist’s Day (June 24th, also Templar Holy Day). That night was a huge festival in Porto. We’d gone out to find a restaurant or a bar to eat it, but everywhere was heaving with thousands of people out to enjoy themselves, with loads of street parties and families barbequing food in the streets. We got chatting to one family, who promptly invited us to eat and drink with them for free, and refused to let us contribute. Great kindness and sharing from local people who expected nothing in return.

It humbled me to be reminded of such a simple and profound truth, that 99% of folk quietly get on with good and fairly virtuous lives. The negative events we sensationally see, hear or read in the world of mass media have nothing to do with that. In that world, good news is no news.

One of the big themes of the night was lighting large paper lantern/balloons with candles underneath them to provide the hot air. Over a few hours, hundreds if not thousands of these were rising up into the night sky - beautiful lights in the dark sky. Our hosts told us that this had been done for generations, but they had no idea why! I was inspired to suggest it represented St. John as The One True Light before Christ, shining in the dark for all to see.

Sometimes we have to be willing to light the light before we can see it.

The very next night, I was woken at about 03:00 by a vivid dream that Spectrum Theory and Vision To Action was being presented at a huge Davos-style gathering of big business leaders and politicians, on how to solve human communication challenges. But it only received muted polite applause. In my dream the presenters sat back awaiting an appreciative response, but minutes turned to hours to days and weeks and nobody responded. Not one of these "leaders" had internalised what it meant for them. Probably because for big business leaders and politicians, communication means persuading the public to buy what they're selling. Certainly not a two-way process that improves the individual person or understanding at all.

Then I dreamt that I was watching a reunion of academic psychologists that had known Kevin Kingsland. Only at the end did I get to speak on what it had meant when the Spectrum Theory was truly taken onboard and applied to our personal lives. People are transformed and great things are achieved.

Like the idea that maths is entirely a mental construction, projected onto the world. It's been treated as an interesting idea but what are the personal consequences of that if it's real?

Similarly Neils Bohr asked what was the personal consequence of quantum theory if quantum action-at-a-distance etc was real? or very local, and in our own minds, like Quantum Holographic memory. It's a question that 99% of physicists seem to have avoided. It's too personal, and you can't get grants for that kind of research.

One of the consequence of the physical-Grael idea is that it leads many people into a mental trap, thinking of a chain of sequential linear events, or something external, handed down from one generation to the next. Like a kind of geneology of an elite knowledge only for special entitled people.

But if the universal knowledge and illumination is all inside us, waiting to be tapped into, we are all able to reach this critical level of understanding. By scientific meditation and morphic resonance, tuning in to what is always and already there.

At which point a kind of enlightenment happens.

To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour.

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