Spectrum Systems Methodology

As an implementation of Kevin Kingsland's Vision To Action model

This represents a value-rich model of how purposeful system developments may take place. It also has powerful connections with the human information processing system.

"Necessity is the mother of invention; invention is the father of necessity."


The mission statement!
Explicit declaration of the purpose of the system.

But what does it all mean?


Recognition of the intended:
  • environment
  • market
  • context
  • scope

These have to be recognised before it is possible to start any meaningful planning.


Proper preparation and prior planning prevents piss-poor performance. Project planning should include:
  • risk analysis
  • integrity
  • development methodologies
  • interfaces with the environment, structure, methods.
  • scenarios, rehearsal, role-play.
  • test plans

All of this work is necessary to fully realise what the system constraints may be.


System constraints from such things as:
  • government legislation,
  • business rules, 
  • limitations of technology e.g. hardware and software tools
  • Procedures for quality standards

With these known, full-scale development of the product or system can go ahead.


Getting closer; some tangeable results will start to emerge at this stage.
  • analysis and design
  • prototyping
  • programming
  • testing, testing, testing

All this needs to be done before the product/system can be produced


Implementation of full-scale production, leading to action that completes the cycle.


Do it!

Delivery and fullfillment of the original vision.

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